The Scientists – A Place Called Bad Download mp3 torrent Album

Download The Scientists - A Place Called Bad (2016)

“A Place Called Bad” track listing:

01. Frantic Romantic
02. She Says She Loves Me
03. Sorry Sorry Sorry
04. That Girl
05. High Noon
06. Teenage Dreamer
07. Another Sunday
08. Walk the Plank
09. Larry
10. Making a Scene
11. It’ll Never Happen Again
12. Shake Together Tonight
13. This Is My Happy Hour
14. Swampland
15. We Had Love
16. Clear Spot
17. When Fate Deals Its Mortal Blow
18. Burnout
19. The Spin
20. Rev Head
21. Set It On Fire
22. Blood Red River
23. Last Night
24. Nitro
25. Solid Gold Hell
26. I Cried No Tears
27. Crazy Heart
28. This Life of Yours
29. Backwards Man
30. The Wall
31. Raver
32. Fire Escape
33. Hell Beach
34. Bet Ya Lyin’ (Slink City Lee)
35. If It’s the Last Thing I Do
36. Bad Priest
37. Demolition Derby
38. It Came Out of the Sky
39. Atom Bomb Baby
40. Go Baby Go
41. Psycho Cook Supreme
42. Lead Foot
43. Murderess in a Purple Dress
44. Temple of Love
45. It’s for Real
46. You Only Live Twice
47. Human Jukebox
48. Shine
49. Distortion
50. Place Called Bad
51. Hungry Eyes
52. Braindead
53. It Must Be Nice
54. This Is My Happy Hour (Live at Adelaide UniBar)
55. Fire Escape (Live at Adelaide UniBar)
56. Pissed on Another Planet
57. When Worlds Collide (Live at Adelaide UniBar)
58. Raver (Live at Adelaide UniBar)
59. The Spin (Live at Adelaide UniBar)
60. Clear Spot (Live at Adelaide UniBar)
61. Rev Head (Live at Adelaide UniBar)
62. Set It On Fire (Live at Adelaide UniBar)
63. Burn Out (Live at Adelaide UniBar)
64. This Life of Yours (Live at Adelaide UniBar)
65. Solid Gold Hell (Live at Adelaide UniBar)
66. Blood Red River (Live at Adelaide UniBar)
67. Shadows of the Night
68. Don’t Lie to Me (Live at the Loft)
69. Have You Seen My Baby (Live at Storey Hall)
70. Melodramatic Touch (Live at Storey Hall)
71. Slow Death (Live at Storey Hall)
72. Strangers in the Night (Live at the Sydney Uni)
73. I’ve Had It (Live at Le Tote)
74. Gonna Make You (Live at the Prince of Wales Hotel)
75. When Worlds Collide (Live at Sydney Trade Union Club)
76. Ghost Train (Live at the Prince of Wales Hotel)
77. The Other Place (1985 Single Version)
78. Girl
79. She Cracked (1985 Single Version)
80. I’m Looking for You

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